Numbskull by No Glykon

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Numbskull by No Glykon

Numbskull is a cat-type thing. It’s a safe word for having serious conversations. It’s graffiti scrawled on a broken speaker. Framed by No Glykon’s fine-tuned minimalism, Numbskull is a hazy shot tracking youth in decay: four fuckheads flickering through basement noise shows, the gun aisle in Walmart, internships out in Endless Summer, and trepidatious texts about maybe getting some drinks tomorrow night. Everything in Numbskull is a little blurry or out of focus or whatever. So go ahead and tear up your clothes for fashion. Grow some golden antlers. Put an apple on your head and let Numbskull pull the trigger.

130 pages, Fiction. Matte soft cover. Released by Back Patio Press, 2020.

“Numbskull is like the dream you have after getting high and staring at the sun for too long, a dream you don’t want to wake up from. It’s populated by people you know and people you want to. Its images slot into the folds of your brain and stay there… You will want to read Numbskull on an endless loop, like leaving a song on repeat until it becomes part of the texture of your life.”
– Cassandra de Alba, author of Ugly/Sad

“It’s a book about young people doing typical young people things, like going to parties and playing shows, but it is also something that is uniquely itself— dark, tender, magical, and weird.”
– Juliet Escoria, author of Juliet the Maniac, Black Cloud, and Witch Hunt