Good at Drugs by KKUURRTT

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Good at Drugs by KKUURRTT

The last American music festival. Psychedelics, nose drugs, and house music. Except this time something feels different. Not sure what? End of the world? Drug-induced conspiracy? Nah. An adventure in the mind of an adventurous mind. Tripping, rolling, and dissociating through the musical and/or pharmacological ropes course that is a three day music festival.

250 pages, Fiction. Glossy soft cover. Published by Back Patio Press, 2021.

"Good At Drugs is a garrulous book full of despicable characters, unabashed heathenism and the nearly unintelligible ramblings of a degenerate drug abuser on the cusp of a midlife crisis. In short I wish I had the talent and experience to write a novel as pure and beautiful myself." - Steve Anwyll

"Good At Drugs is a porta potty of reckless living -- a beautiful, never-ending, substance-abused nightmare of shitty music festivals, shitty rave, and shitty people. Think Fear and Loathing at Coachella. It reads like drugs because KKUURRTT writes like drugs. Lick this blurb -- does it taste like drugs? FFUUCCKK YYEESS." - Brian Alan Ellis

"An intense trip through the throbbing fringe-culture of music festivals and the colorful characters who devote their life to four-on-the-floor concussive sound waves and mind-altering substances passed freely from hand to mouth to butt [...] KKUURRTT is the funniest person I know and this book is overflowing with that humor. A belly laugh on almost every page." - Tex Gresham